The impact of a crime is rarely confined to the initial events experienced by its immediate victims.  What of the impact on the families of the perpetrators?  How difficult can it be for loved ones to forgive, let alone understand, terrible acts committed by their own kin?  How does a family live and cope with the pain of a conflicted love?


This is the emotional landscape that Deirdre Kinahan has mined for her acclaimed play MOMENT.  You can almost hear the Greek Chorus warming up.  But Kinahan passes on that bait.  Her triumph with this new play lies in her extraordinary lightness of touch and her ability to bed her drama down in the almost mundane details of family life.  Here, ordinary actions – preparing of tea, setting of a table, the small talk of a family meal – are laced with hidden drama and unspoken hurt.  It is drama of a most personal kind, and its sheer, simple truth resonates with us the more for it.


teacupfallingA nuanced study in compassion that moves, troubles, but lives long in the memory.” Irish Theatre Magazine


Fast, witty and frighteningly real, “Moment” is a story of trauma wrapped in tablecothes and teacake. This explosive new play was originally produced by Tall Tales Theatre Company and Solstice Arts Centre in Navan and Dublin, 2009. The UK premiere was at the Bush Theatre, London in 2011


Listen to the author, Deirdre Kinahan, talk about this play:


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