Nominated for BEST NEW PLAY at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards 2012.

It took a while. But they found each other.

Seán sits alone in a nursing-home conservatory, abandoned to his memories when in storms Patricia, a feisty woman with a zest for life and for handsome men in wheelchairs.  A wary intimacy soon develops between the two, an unforeseen relationship by turns charming and combative, tender and funny.

Writer of critically acclaimed international plays Moment and Bogboy (‘a ferociously funny and unexpectedly shattering writer’ –  Metro, London), Deirdre Kinahan’s new drama is infused with her hallmark wry humour and humanity which critics and audiences worldwide have come to admire. A play about facing our fears and bucking against despair, These Halcyon Days is a glorious celebration of the human spirit against the odds. Kinahan is one of Ireland’s most celebrated contemporary playwrights and her work is produced regularly both in Ireland and on the International stage.


Tickles the funny bone as much as it pulls at the heartstrings… Kinahan’s message is an important one’ – Evening Herald

‘touching drama’ – The Irish Times

‘a genuine delight’ – Irish Theatre Magazine

“a wonderful balance between humour and poignancy…a rich blend of both unintentional hilarity and insightful wit” –


Listen to the author, Deirdre Kinahan, talk about this play:


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