Little Gem

by Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy has cleverly interwoven monologues from three generations of women in the same family. It shows a year in the lives of these three women whose adventures in love, sex, birth, death, and salsa classes enthrall and entertain audiences in this revealing, poignant and extremely funny play. In his review in the Telegraph Charles Spencer wrote this: “Elaine Murphy’s Little Gem is indeed a little gem of a play, vivid, funny and touching. For a first work it strikes me as remarkable, with a sharp ear for lively demotic speech and a warm compassion for its characters that sometimes hovers on the brink of sentimentality without toppling into the dishonest or the glutinous. It is one of those rare plays that leave you feeling better about life when you leave the theatre than you did when you entered.”

Featuring: Joan End, Libby Amato, April Paul

Directed by Lindsey Gagliano








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